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Guava Care is a team of women supporting families in San Francisco and the East Bay. We provide non-medical services from pregnancy through the baby’s first 4 years, specialized in prenatal education, birth coaching, newborn and infant care, pediatric sleep and early development support


We, caregivers can make a huge difference on shaping early development, that’s why responsive care, professional knowledge and a holistic understanding of family’s dynamics are the pillars of Guava Care high quality services.

-Birth doula services

-Pediatric sleep consultant

-Newborn care specialist

-Professional nannies/educators

What We Offer

The Best Support For You And Your Child

Doula at Home
Newborn Baby
Sleeping Baby
Proud Mother

Birth Doula

Newborn Care Specialist

Pediatric Sleep Consulting 

Professional Nanny/

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Laura worked at our home from September 2017 till December 2018. During that time she took care of our initially 6 month old baby and another beautiful baby friend (nanny-share). She always came to work on time, cheerful and ready to engage the children with enriching activities. Every time I would ask her to come early or stay late to help with my 2 older daughters she would do so willingly, and furthermore, she would handle the 3 (or 4 of them) beautifully by herself. Since then we have kept in touch and she has baby-sitted our 4 kids (we had a new one in Dec 2019!) on multiple occasions and even stayed with them the whole night. Laura is intelligent, kind and most importantly, my kids love her and love spending time with her. That said, they also respect her as an authoritative figure and will do as she says. As mentioned before, we use her services till this day and would recommend her with our eyes closed.

Jenny Zitser

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