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Hello, Guava Care is here to help you!

Providing accessible private developmental intervention for families with children 0 - 5 years old.

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Quality Private Early Intervention in San Francisco Bay Area 

Let's work together to enhance your child's learning and development.

Caregivers can make a huge difference in shaping early development.  

Family-centered and routine-based early intervention is an approach that prioritizes involving families and incorporating routines into the intervention process for young children with developmental challenges or disabilities.

I trained as a developmental Interventionist and have worked in special education with many children and their families, including toddlers and preschool-aged children with a range of developmental delays and disorders.


Free Consultation 

Do you have any concerns about your child's development? Do you feel worried because your child behaves differently? Have an assessment for free and talk about your specific needs.

The Best Support For You And Your Child

Supporting families with non-medical services, from pregnancy through the baby’s first four years. We provided early intervention,  pediatric sleep guidance, prenatal education, birth coaching, and more.

Family in the Park
Sleeping Baby
Doula at Home
Proud Mother

Early Intervention

Family-centered and routine base aproach

Pediatric Sleep Consulting 

Holistic aproach

Support from Pregnancy

Birth education
and birth doula

Finding a Professional

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Marissa Bowman

"Laura’s deep wisdom with children is a gift. Her calm presence not only helped our 6 month old rest, but helped our family have more peace in our home. I highly recommend Laura to any parent."

Joanna Bornstein

"After having my first child, my husband and I searched for a newborn care specialist to help us for one month. We interviewed more than three candidates, but we decided to hire Laura because she connected immediately with our family. She is a loving and responsible caregiver who can help you a lot with your newborn. Thanks Laura!"

Grace Lowe

"Laura is a warm hearted educator who is truly invested in the progress and development of every kiddo that she sees We are so thankful we found Laura. She started working with us when my son was one.  My son has significant developmental delay and low muscle tone. Laura has a lovely, patient and sweet yet firm style."
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