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Online Birth Preparation 

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

No matter what type of birth you're planning, or if you don't have a plan at all, our classes and workshops are a time to learn, ask questions, explore your feelings around birth and parenting, and prepare to meet your little one. We can also discuss your birth plan and start planning for the labor day.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Workshop

      This is a  3-4 hours online webinar that runs live. Packed with: the basics of pregnancy, the labor process, giving birth and comfort measures, and characteristics of the newborn.

      Our workshop is not only for birthing persons, family members, or friends who want to know what to expect and how to be a good birthing partner, can also benefit from this webinar.

       This is a perfect moment for you to ask any questions related to pregnancy and birth and share any concerns you may have

Workshops will be scheduled with a minimum of eight (8) registered participants and hold a maximum of fifteenth (15) registered participants.

Private classes 

Build your own class series according to your needs. Classes are 2 hours each and are held live via Google Meet. Simply choose the topics you want and the dates that work with your schedule!


Basics of Pregnancy and Labor 

  • ​​​​Understanding Pregnancy – Anatomy, Physiology & the Emotional Experience.

  • The Labor Process - learn all about labor stages and how to know you are ready to push. 

Giving Birth & Comfort Measures 

  • Giving Birth – What is it really like?

  • Practical tools for coping with pain, intensity, and unexpected or challenging events during labor.

Decision-Making for Labor

  • Hospital Birth, Routines, Protocols, Medical Pain Management & Possible Interventions.

  • Home Birth, Is it safe? Supporting HB families. Hospital transfers.

Bringing Baby Home:​

  • Characteristics of the Newborn Baby

  • Postpartum Needs: Mother, Baby, Family 

Our goal is to not only give you information but to help you discover and cultivate internal resources already within you that will help you meet the challenges birth and parenthood can bring.


Private classes

1 class: $250
2 classes: $450
3 classes: $600

4 classes: $750

Pregnancy and childbirth workshop 

 $55 per family 

Ask for upcoming dates 

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