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Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Sleeping Baby

Consulting with Laura...

The guiding principles of our professional approach are:​

  • Creating routines is one of the pillars for the cognitive and emotional development of children and implementing good sleeping practices from childhood create a strong bond of trust with babies.

  • Secure attachment is of major importance for the correct neurodevelopment of babies. We support normal infant/toddler sleep and recommend behaviors that promote infant mental health and secure attachment. 

  • This is more than just implementing a plan and make  sleep changes on the babies routine. It is also about understanding and nurturing sleep for the whole family.

As your sleep consultant, I will provide comprehensive services to support your family in overcoming any challenge. I take into consideration every parenting approach when designing a sleep plan. Given all the contradicting opinions you can find all over the internet, with me you can know your baby is in good hands because I am more than a sleep consultant, I am a child care professional and I will always put babies needs first. You can rest assured you are getting the best service for your baby and you don't need to face sleep challenges alone. 


Finally, I have experience developing and implementing sleep programs with standards of care for breastfeeding mothers. Feeding to sleep, bedsharing, nighttime nursing are all practices I support, and you do not have to give them up to improve sleep unless you want to do so.

I offer my in person services around San Francisco Bay Area.

Online consultations are available everywhere! 



Emotional Support

Being an emotionally supportive person is one of the things that characterizes me and that I consider of great importance when working with children. They go through numerous experiences every day and it is important to empathize with them without judging them. Similarly, families can sometimes feel overwhelmed and at times like these it is very helpful to count with someone that listens.

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