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Reflecting on a Year of Collaborative Growth and Embracing Empathy

Dear  Families,

As we wrap up this year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and express gratitude to each and every family who has placed their trust in Guava Care. Your trust in our team of dedicated doulas, birth educators, nannies, and in my role as an early intervention specialist and pediatric sleep consultant, means the world to us. I am reminded of the incredible strength and resilience within our community. Each family is unique, and your trust in us to support you during life-changing moments, from birth to early childhood, is an honor we cherish.

This year has been a journey of care, support, and growth, and we are sincerely thankful for the privilege of being a part of your family's story. Your trust is the cornerstone of our commitment to providing the highest quality care and support. Our approach is rooted in the belief that learning and growth extend beyond our sessions, influencing every moment of your child's day. Throughout the year, I've had the privilege of being your early intervention specialist, working collaboratively with other professionals when needed and, most importantly, working with you. Our shared commitment is guided by principles emphasizing your authority in decision-making, positive parenting, ethical information provision, and ensuring your well-being to best support your child.

As we look ahead to a new year, I want to extend a warm invitation to all families facing challenges with their little ones. Acknowledging that there's no quick fix within just a few weekly hours, the real impact lies in the collaborative effort between you and your Early Intervention Specialist. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge about your child's development.  Together, we can explore and implement effective strategies to nurture functional skills within your daily routines. Remember, our role is not to teach your child directly; we are here to highlight learning opportunities for you, as your child will learn best from you.

The heart of our approach is rooted in collaboration, resilience, and the belief that you, as parents, are the foremost decision-makers in your child's journey. Following these principles, you can confidently navigate fulfilling relationships, access the support you need, and witness your child thriving at home, school, and in the community.

In other matters and  ​​In the spirit of reflection and gratitude, I invite you to embrace compassion and empathy. Let's not forget about what is happening in Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, and other regions that are going through devastating times; families there also deserve to be together and celebrate. No child deserves to endure the hardships of war. Be grateful for the moments you share and dedicate quality time to your loved ones. Forget about the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, and focus on creating meaningful memories. 

The richness of our existence lies not in the accumulation of material wealth but in the depth of our relationships, the kindness we share, and the moments that take our breath away. Let us prioritize the intangible treasures of love, joy, and shared experiences that make life truly meaningful. In doing so, we not only enrich our own lives but contribute to a more compassionate and interconnected world. let's pause to consider our shared humanity. 

It's often tempting to distance ourselves from global issues like a distant war, thinking it doesn't directly impact us. However, as humans, we're all vulnerable, and unforeseen challenges can touch any of us. The ongoing war in Gaza has tragically claimed more than 5,500 young lives, turning it into the world's most dangerous place to be a child. People in Israel are also hopeless, many families have to see their sons and daughters going to war without the certainty that they will return alive. No family should be separated and destroyed under these circumstances, not in Gaza, not in Israel, not in Ukraine, not anywhere in the world.

I urge all families who understand the essence of my work to align with the values we instill in our children. While we encourage emotional intelligence, compassion, and generosity, let's also reflect on the holiday excesses. Do our children truly need an abundance of gifts, toys, clothes, and shoes? This Christmas, consider making a memorable moment focused on sharing love and gratitude. Redirecting surplus gifts to those in need can transform the season into a powerful demonstration of compassion and solidarity.

Wishing you a cozy holiday season and a New Year filled with joy and achievements!

Warm hugs 😊

Laura Rubio, 

Your Early Intervention Specialist

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