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Laura is the most amazing caregiver!  She began caring for our daughter at ~5 months old as a part of a nannyshare with a family with an older child (~15 month age difference) during the height of the 2020 pandemic.   She took our chronic 30 min napper and helped her into a regular napping routine. Our baby girl had developed a fun habit of fighting like an alligator doing a death roll during diaper changes, and after a short time in Laura's care, she learned to lie (mostly) still for her mom and dad.   When we started solid foods, she helped guide our little one into the healthy eater that she is today.  When visits to the pool entered the schedule, she helped introduce our kid to the pool and helped her through her initial nervousness about a new situation.  Throughout our time together, she has always been great at communicating her observations of anything that might have been a concern, and was happy to offer advice based on her experience with other kids.  She also helped us troubleshoot sleep issues that were cropping up at home, but not at nannyshare. 


Overall, Laura has a calm, nurturing approach with the kids and it's clear they blossom in her care!  She has boundless energy and engages them and encourages them in play and developmental activities. To say that she has a magical touch with young kids is a gross understatement.  We are so thankful that our daughter has had Laura in her life, and the only thing we are sad about is that our time together is coming to an end (due to pre-school). We can't recommend Laura enough. She truly is the best!

Laurie Chiau

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