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Discover the transformative benefits of family-centered and routine-based early intervention tailored to your child's unique needs!

Family-Centered and Routine-Based Early Intervention


This approach is grounded in the belief that families are critical partners in a child's development, and routines offer a structured and familiar context for learning and growth.

Father and Daughter Cooking

Structured routine includes various activities that stimulate different aspects of a child's development — cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and linguistic. This structured approach aids in a more holistic and comprehensive development.

How I Work


Formal and informal assessment. I use quantitative and qualitative scales to find out if your child is having a developmental challenge and  what is impacting your child's learning

Collaborative consultation

 These consultations emphasize a partnership between professionals and families to support the child's development and address any concerns effectively.  We work together to set achievable and meaningful goals for the child.


I empower families by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to support their child effectively. I offer guidance and training to help you understand and implement interventions within the child's everyday routines.

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