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A Little About Myself

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Hi, I am Laura Rubio, the founder of Guava Care. Guava Care is what I truly believe a support system should be in order to shape the relationships that impact early development. I work together with doulas, newborn care specialists, and professional nannies to offer professional services based on scientific knowledge and a holistic understanding of family dynamics.  


As an Early Intervention and Child Development Specialist, I provided specialized developmental intervention and monitoring to families with children, ages 0 to 5, who have an identified developmental delay or may be at risk of delay. I've been working closely with caregivers and parents to provide consistent routines that are customized for each child's developmental stage; this includes eating, toileting, playing, and sleeping. I feel passionate about helping families to understand their child's development and empowering them to engage with their kids' needs in a respectful way.




Master in Early Intervention and Infant Development 

Develop the professional knowledge and skills to provide effective interventions and care to infants, toddlers and young children and their families.


University Uniminuto, Colombia

Master in Peace and Development Studies

Undertake professional initiatives based on the recognition of the ethical-political, educational and socio-cultural implications and respond appropriately to the challenges posed by the construction of peace, from a creative perspective.


University of Sabana, Colombia 


Bachelor's Degree in Communication 

Launched a community radio program to engage and taught youth to create their own radio content.


Normal Nacional, Colombia 

Specialization in Early Childhood Education 

Understand the nature and evolutionary development of the child and the context in which the infant develops.

Promote the development of early childhood in each of its dimensions and carry out systematic teaching and learning processes in an intentional, significant and transcendent way.



Birth Doula

Sierra Childbirth Institute

Learn about the doula’s role working with women and their partners during pregnancy and in each phase of the birthing process.

Foundations to provide continuous support and care when technology and or medication become necessary


Developmental screening

Child Development Institute 

-Understanding the Role of Developmental Screenings for Supporting Children and Families

-Administering, Scoring and Interpreting Developmental Screenings

-Understanding the Referral Process and Using a Strength Based Approach to Share Results


Child Sleep Consultant

Family Sleep Institute, USA

 How to overcome sleep challenges and introduce sleeping techniques including the 5 S’s, no tears, pick up and put down, fading, and strategic napping.


Newborn and Infante Care Specialist

Us Nanny Institute

Newborns and infant developmental milestones, holding, feeding, diapering, soothing, routines and more.


Aquatic Therapy for Children


Aquatic stimulation helps children adapt to the environment, from familiarization with water, muscle toning and balance exercises, to diving. 


CPR and First Aids

Adult, child and baby first aid - CPR - AED


Children's Yoga Teacher


Understand how children’s bodies change during childhood and how to tailor yoga tools to safely support children’s physical development.


Yoga Teacher 500Hrs

Escuela Internacional de Yoga, Spain

Extensive knowledge of yoga poses, breathing patterns, and anatomy.

My  Experience

Early Intervention Specialist

2022 - Current

  • Assesses family and child strengths/resources, concerns, and progress. Participates in multidisciplinary assessments; interprets and reports test results.

  • Provides intervention for families with infants and toddlers from birth to three years old who have developmental delays or are at risk for delays in cognitive, adaptive behavior, social-emotional, self-care, fine motor, gross motor, and communication development.

  • Assisting families during the process and until they reach their own goals.

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

2021 - Current

  • Collecting and analyzing data to understand the specific needs and the context of everything related to the Childs’s sleep 

  • Creating sleep guidance plans adapted for each family needs.

  • Coaching families in personalized and/or online 1-1 sessions about general sleep topics, like repercussions of sleep deprivation, sleep hygiene and sleep requirements. 

  • Actively promoting safety sleep guidelines for newborns, infants and toddlers 

  • Assisting families during the process and until they reach their own sleep plan goals.

  • Developing and implementing sleep programs with standards of care for breastfeeding mothers.

New born and infant care consultant 

2019 - Current

  • Assisting families about newborn care basics, feeding / sleeping schedules, family adjustment and breastfeeding or formula preparation. 

  • Advising families on developmental key milestones and a tracking system.

  • Carrying out activities to promote child development

  • Assisting families with premature babies’ care.

Part Time Nanny

Private families

2021 - 2022

  • Have affectionately cared for two 4 month old babies.

  • Establish a healthy and developmentally appropriate schedule, including sleeping, feeding, and playtime with a focus on developmental milestones.

  • Early stimulation activities.

  • Provide a healthy meal plan and help with the transition.

Full Time Nanny

Different private families
2016 – 2020

  • Have affectionately cared for kids  5 months old to 3 years old 

  • Physically and verbally interacted with the babies throughout the day  

  • Specific help with sleep training 

  • Baby routine: Bottles, diaper change, naps and play time. 

  • Coordinate field trips to local parks and pool

  • Facilitated outdoor learning experiences and the involvement of nature as much as posible

  • Potty training 

Preschool Assistant

Kindergarten La Paz, Ibagué, Colombia 


I looked after up to 15 children at a time while at this position. I supervised them at play, read stories, comforted them, and helped them grow. While at this position, I saw firsthand the positive impact that kindness and compassion can have on a child’s development. Working with children of various ages also helped me create and learn techniques that will allow me to care for your child, no matter what age.

My Hobbies 

When I am not working or studying you can find me having fun with my partner and my two cats in some National Park, dancing, biking, or just relaxing at home and reading a book.

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